Rapper Ble$$ed explains the ‘Life of a Hu$tler’ in his new song featuring $hank White$

Musicians – More music has been coming out of the State of Connecticut and I made it a duty of mine to track down all of the newly released material that I could find from musicians grinding on the underground to build their brands up independently. That journey has put me on a path where a trail of music singles was released by many artists from the cities in Connecticut and now Ble$$ed and $hank White$ is one of them.


I recently found out about the newly published song when I saw a shared link on my Facebook news feed that directed me to Ble$$ed new song ‘Life of a Hustler‘ that featured Hip Hop artist $hank White$. The 7-minute track has been receiving some love on Facebook and shares of it has been increasing since the release of the song yesterday. After discovering the song I made it a priority of mine to write a story about it as soon as I had got the chance to.


Hearing $hank White$ on the microphone really brings back my memories of how great of an artist he is. His verse in the song also got feedback from Hip Hop artist GOLD who said that $hank White$ went in on his verse. It was actually verses like that that contributed to Pure Pro being invited to perform at Internet Hollywood’s first party that happened in Worcester, Massachusetts last month. It’s nice to see the artist putting out new music. Him and Ble$$ed did a great job bringing their flows to life on the smooth sounds of the dope instrumental they rapped on. You could check out the song on his Soundcloud below!


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