Rapper (B)reezy (D)a (K)onvict Enters Internet Hollywood, Announces New Mixtape Coming Soon!

breezy editThe Internet Hollywood dome is shaking from the quake caused by a new rapper from Kingsport, Tennessee. (B)reezy (D)a (K)onvict is one of the very few new comers in our universe that is willing to put it all on the table to make a name for himself. The aggressive flow this artist carries holds a heart that is the size of the boot he plans on stepping on his competition with. He continues to express himself through lyrics he shares with social media outlets to help expand his brand to higher stages. The international billboard charts will soon hold the names of those destined to achieve fame with the hunger that proves they want it most. Breezy is easily gaining credibility with the style he uses to dominate each track he chooses to drop his lyrics on. The power behind songs like “Workaholics” will provide the force needed to break in the doors that holds the artist back from achieving what’s needed to secure the next step in his career. The more Breezy continues to build off the momentum in each track he creates, the more likely he is to top the international billboard charts with artists like S.O.S, Cthree and Wayne Gordon.  (B)reezy (D)a (K)onvict is not just sitting around waiting for something to happen like many would expect from a new comer. The Tennessee artist have already made it known on Facebook that  he is working on a new mixtape that is coming out soon!

(B)reezy Facebook status:

“to all my fans when this mixtape drops its gonna be sumn special for all of you and my brother foreva konverse mizzle so stay tune alot is in work and alot is in progress but ova da next period of time i wont be puttin alot of music out til dis mixtape is done but i will put a couple out so u know i have fallen off i lu you guys and thanks for the support”

According to Reverbnation, B.D.K is ranked #4 locally in his city when it comes to their charts. (B)reezy stated on his Reverbnation profile that the most important thing about doing music is keeping the fans happy. We look forward to hearing more from Breezy as his popularity picks up in our universe in the future!

Check Out Breezy’s Music Here!

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