Rapper Breezy Da Konvict Lands #4 On Reverbnation, Expected To Move Up In Internet Hollywood

BDK 2Breezy’s way of dominating the internet world doesn’t stop at Internet Hollywood. Latest Reverbnation report shows the artist is now ranked #4 in Tennessee. Learning about Breezy’s accomplishments as an artist with an amazing talent isn’t a surprise after the strong battle between powerful rap group S.O.S. The battle was ranked the #1 most exciting battle to take place inside of the Game Of Rap preseason. Breezy’s creative transformation morphs into different explosive styles depending on the energy following whichever tracks he laces his pen to. The Konvict continues to steal away the glory with hard hitting remixes like “When I come through” and “They Don’t Care About Us”. The level of energy growing inside of his voice is born with the choices he make to better himself as an artist thriving off the power of his fascinating lyrical abilities. Ever since his Internet Hollywood debut he kept it true to himself and earned a spot in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine in December of last year. Breezy continues to approach the level of stardom quickly with every step he takes as an unsigned artist in the music underground. Within months he has already made it on the #9 spot on the top ten without any problem. Check Breezy’s Reverbnation below!

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