Rapper Breezy Da Konvict To Land In Internet Hollywood’s Second Magazine Issue In February

BDK ON FIREBreezy Da Konvict will be landing in Internet Hollywood Magazine for the second time in 2 months! The second issue will include adorable ProjectXPlatinum models like Jazmin Luna, Cristal Catalina, Viola Verity, Haylan Victoria, Isabel Vinson and more. The decision was made to include the artist inside of second issue after his impressive impact on the billboard charts that helped him jump 2 slots and land #8 on his debut after only 2 months! Breezy’s ‘Destin For Greatness’ is predicted to make heavy rotation in the Internet Hollywood Radio circuit starting on the 20th this month. Breezy is still one of the most exciting artist to watch in the Game Of Rap series that is expected to kick off again starting February. B.D.K is a household name that continues to aim higher then ever before and the incredible flow he delivers carry his steps into the destiny he seeks every time he picks up a microphone. B.D.K is currently one of the top three most played artist on Internet Hollywood Radio. His vicious flows tear through every track he drops a verse on and that identifies the hunger we find inside of the sound he masters perfectly. Breezy continues to bring his grind to the next level and still no underground artist can be compared to him which makes him far more deadlier. We can easily predict that in the upcoming months B.D.K will make it in the top 5 when it comes to Internet Hollywood top rappers. Will he win an Internet Hollywood award? We will have to wait and see!


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