Rapper Bugz 860 had a music video shoot to his song “Its Okay” on January 18th!

Musicians – Independent Connecticut rapper Bugz 860 held a music video shoot on January 18th for his song “Its Okay” that could be found on his Youtube if you type it in the engines. The artist has been advertising the single since its release in the beginning of the year and has posted many statuses promoting the single.


Although I was a little late in discovering the release of the single, I recently came across the statuses about the music video shoot and discovered there will be other Connecticut artists that will be appearing in the video as well. The music video occurred around 6 p.m..


There is no telling who is the person filming the music video or when the music video will be released so time will only tell. Once the music video is released I will dig for more information that’s necessary in painting the perfect picture to Bugz 860 vision. I will keep you updated.


You could check out the song on Youtube below!

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