Rapper Bugz brings out a different vibe in his latest song ‘Both Sides,’ album is set to be released very soon!

Musicians – It’s been one hell of a journey since I started covering news on the upcoming artist from the state of Connecticut. It’s an educational experience when the ears of those that are listening are actually opened up to the sounds each artist brings to the table in this thing. Since I’ve started listening I have written many stories about independent artists grinding on the underground, and in some cases, just getting started. This time I checked out Bugz 860.


I don’t know too much about Bugz but I know he has a pretty dope song titled ‘Both Sides’ on his Soundcloud page. I had the chance to check it out as soon as I got the chance after receiving the link from Bonilla in an inbox message on Facebook. He told me he currently has an album coming out and has done shows throughout the whole year. He didn’t give me an exact date but ‘Cancer Season’ is the name of the new mixtape and you could stream the mixtape on DatPiff.com. (Listen Here)


The sound has a smooth sound that shares the vibe of a Kid Cudi as far as the melody goes. He brings the song more to life with storytelling lyrics that was pieced together with a catchy hook that I feel many people would enjoy. The hook doesn’t seem forced and it sounds balanced with the instrumental that’s playing. The combination of the two really gets you in the mood. Check out the song on Soundcloud below!

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