Rapper Bugz860 finally drops the music video to his song “It’s Okay”, announces the release of three more songs!

Musicians – If you been paying attention to hip hop artist Bugz860 you’ll notice that this guy has been grinding his ass off and pushing his music through his social media outlets the best way he could and as he continues to raise awareness for his releases it is more than predictable that he will gain the attention he needs if he continues to push himself.


After months of building up the release to his music video through his platforms he finally dropped his new music video to his song titled “It’s Okay” and the video is on fire and high in quality. The new video directed by Danny Lopez has brought a vision that pieces the art of Bugz860’s sound in the song into a well thought out pattern of scenes in the dark streets of Connecticut and perfectly aligns it with his vocals to make the perfect music video that anyone watching would call great. The video was beyond fire and the song was produced & mixed down by Frankie Echevarria aka DJ Frank Nitty Spotlite Ent.


But the release of the music video came with no barrier that slowed the artist down. He has just announced on his social media platform that he has more songs coming out; a song titled ‘Coming Out’ featuring Al Wack, another one titled ‘You Lost Out’ featuring Blockboyy Gotti, and another one titled ‘Loyalty Is Lost’ with just himself. The announcements doesn’t come with an exact release date to any of the songs but when they do hit the net we’ll make sure to be the first ones to write about it. You could check out his new music video and follow his pages below!


Bugz860: SpotifyInstagramTwitterSoundcloud

Frankie Echevarria AKA DJ Frank Nitty Spotlite Ent: Instagram

Danny Lopez: Youtube

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