Rapper Cthree Starts His Own Movement, Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Michael Brown

cthreee on itInternet Hollywood’s #1 headlining artist Cthree is releasing his thoughts to Internet Hollywood about the killing of an unarmed Michael Brown by the hands of a Ferguson police offer, Darren Wilson. The storm that followed triggered riots throughout the city and a nationwide spread of protests in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Colorado and more. The fight against the justice system became so big demonstrators even walked out of their jobs and school to protest with their hands up. The incident has also been very big among hundreds of Internet Hollywood celebrities that shares different views from each other on the incident. Rapper Cthree is not only speaking about it, he’s doing something about it. The artist told an Internet Hollywood reporter that they have started a movement that directs the message of truth to help empower black minorities consciously:

“I think this is the perfect chance for us to come together and show the world the systematic dysfunction. This is no way that was the right call. We have created an organization in Los Angeles, California called Arknation; meaning art, rhythm and knowledge, where we inform and direct our people to the truth and how we can make change.”

Cthree has proven himself to be one of the strongest calibers in the Internet Hollywood universe after holding down the #1 since the start of his Internet Hollywood journey. The artist recently battled it out with Gudahmouth in the Game Of Rap series preseason back in October on Internet Hollywood Radio. The last update shows the artist leading against Gudahmouth, but the next update will most likely show the California artist being victorious against the artist.

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