Rapper Fuego Base destroys his freestyle on The Franchise Report

Musicians – The Franchise Report is a pretty epic radio spot for people all over to tune in if they really want to get a taste of the culture of music in its natural form. They have pretty of great content that could be seen on their channel and we strongly recommend you go check it out to see those great people do their thing over there. I added the link to their channel below in the credits.


What lead to this story was a new video I seen including a very talented Connecticut artist named Fuego Base. I wrote two stories about the the artist in the past after he collaborated rappers Star Buckz, Cartier Chase, and Slumz. In the video, Fuego Base massacres his freestyle with bars that surely will draw everyone to the message that he’s a force to be reckon with.


****** keep talking that city s***t/

Like every year we ain’t top 20 on the dangerous city list/

acting like the east cost only the big apple/

they flopping fighting for the throne in the base castle/

the hardest nigga and they come from Hartford/

the only other hard niggas Buffalo and Yonkers/


You could check out the artist appearance on the show in the video below! Be sure to subscribe to The Franchise Report channel as well!


The Franchise Report: Youtube (click here)

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