Rapper G.O.L.D Combats Police Brutality In Powerful “Black Lives Matter” Freestyle

gold new 2Prince VegaG.O.L.D is venting his frustration with a powerful verse that highlights the recent murders that has shook up the entire nation this past week. The freestyle comes in the wake of police shooting two black men dead,  Alton Sterling, 37, Philando Castile, 32. What followed the horrifying tragedies were a wave a bullets by an armed mad man, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who opened fired on dozens of police officers; killing 5 cops – injuring twelve.


The shocking incident has possibly increased the tensions – and has split the nation in half. In this new freestyle G.O.L.D addresses sensitive topics that has swept our nation through a storm of public opinions from both sides. In his bars he questions the motive behind one of the unarmed murders and vents on how he feels the government doesn’t care about black deaths. The talented lyricist compared the harsh realities of today to slavery, saying “we still bleed for it” – adding Eric Garner and Mike Brown incidents in the mix of his flow as-well.


G.O.L.D has garnered the support of his followers who support his powerful message that resonates in the heart and minds of everyone angered by the deaths from police brutality. His video has received dozens of likes, comments and shares. We could now include another front page story on Internet Hollywood to add-on to G.O.L.D’s many accomplishments.


The video isn’t available on Youtube at this moment sadly. The only way to view this video is by viewing it on Facebook – which allows the public to view it without restrictions. G.O.L.D’s name has made front page news on Internet Hollywood 15 times! Click the highlighted video below to check out his powerful new freestyle!


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