Rapper G.O.L.D Gives Major Record Labels The Boot: “I Don’t Want To Be Signed”

all goldPrince Vega  – Looks like Prince Vega, Hopsin, and Tech N9ne isn’t the only ones that recognize the power of being an independent artists. Grizrock’s own G.O.L.D is also choosing to go the independent route. In the interview he explains why he finds being an independent artist more beneficial when it comes to finances, but he wouldn’t rule out a major record deal if the situation was good.

“I don’t want to be signed,” he said. “Because at the end of the day being signed is like its a whole machine behind you but it comes with a lot of money I got to pay back.”

He continued:

“If there is a situation where I do get signed and its looking good, depending on the situation, I’m all for it.”

The Pain Is Paper magazine interview with Taraya is another outlet that has helped G.O.L.D freely express his voice without limitation. All credit has to be given to them for even considering unsigned artists on their show. G.O.L.D has studied his competitors enough to out perform them on social media networks. His latest music video ‘Keep It 100’ just crossed over 30,000 Youtube views. Check the interview out by clicking the video link below!


G.O.L.D – ‘Keep It 100’

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