Rapper G.O.L.D Releases Teaser Trailer To ‘Keep It 100’ Feat. Jordan Meyer

GOLD NEW 1Connecticut rapper G.O.L.D is making front page headlines for the second time after our reporters discovered a teaser trailer he released for his song ‘Keep it 100’ with r&b singer Jordan Meyers. Although he’s never been played in Internet Hollywood Radio circuits, he’s been receiving commercial success through some mainstream radio stations in the United States. G.O.L.D is quickly gaining momentum that’ll soon open doors for something bigger than music. He continues to focus on his vision without giving up even when times get harder. The Internet Hollywood universe first heard about the music artist after he was voted into Internet Hollywood’s billboard battle with Connecticut rappers Snacks Giggaty and Prime EX. The preseason charts officially wrapped up with no ending results because new features were added onto Internet Hollywood’s Game Of Rap series. Prince Vega is planning on starting a section in Internet Hollywood that focuses strictly on news for talented Connecticut artists. The lyrically gifted G.O.L.D will be among the very few chosen to be reported on when that feature is added on within the coming days. The latest news coming out of Connecticut involved the debut of a female artist by the name of Kristal La’Reign. She is the second artist from Connecticut to become an Internet Hollywood celebrity!

Click Here To Hear ‘Keep It 100’

Click Here To Watch ‘Keep It 100’ Teaser Trailer!

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