Rapper G.O.L.D Releases Trailer #1 To ‘Karma The Movie’ (Coming Soon)

gold edit 4Prince Vega –  Rapper & Actor G.O.L.D has been keeping busy with All Around Filmz to create his series and now we are finally getting a piece of the action in a movie. The Connecticut artist recently shared the trailer on his social media page and the support continues to gradually rise from his support system.


A brief description describes the independent film as a “urban film based on the decisions people make and how karma comes back to get them.” The film was written and directed by G.O.L.D and the film was shot by All Around Filmz. Judging by the trailer, the film also includes fellow artists and friends from the Connecticut area like Mark Diggity, Big Mach, Thump, Frank White, Ben Latin, Nina Thompson, Zelena Jackson, V-Ness, G4 and more.


Although updates on how the movie is going to be released are not clear, after a brief discussion with G.O.L.D sometime in the past he revealed an idea of how he plans on releasing it. I’m not going to tell anyone at this moment, but just know G.O.L.D is very clear minded with his ideas and how he wants to deliver them to the world.


Now I’m aware many professionals involved in the film industry visiting this site may have a mouthful to say about the quality in which this is filmed. My argument to that is before you started doing blockbuster films did you even come close to doing anything like this? Not only did G.O.L.D written, edited and direct this entire thing while All Around Filmz filmed it, he also managed to get dozens of artists to work together and got it done at a VERY short amount of time. Not to mention he was promoting his music single “New Girl” and is recovering from the lost of his beautiful strong grandmother all at the same time. Now if that isn’t “heart and talent” then I don’t know what is. We also got word from G4 that his company Fetti&Co will be releasing the soundtrack for the movie. You can check the movie trailer out by clicking the video link below!


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