Rapper Gusto Breaks Down The Confusion Between Liking & Loving Someone

gusto suitMany would confuse like with something entirely different from love. A great deal of people get caught up with the hype of liking someone they will believe that they are in love with the person. The situation involving that can be completely uncomfortable and some people may very well end up with their heartbroken over it. As humans we are emotionally moved by our thoughts even when we haven’t experience it physically. Upcoming Ohio rapper is sharing his views on the confusing that could like to a serious heartbreak after being asked about the difference between liking and someone. The music artist didn’t mind letting our reporters know what he thought! We sure would hope he wouldn’t mind. About 76% of Internet Hollywood celebrities are females from all over the world!

“Like and love.. For me, it’s two different things,” he said. “You can feel both at the same time or one and not the other. You can like your boss, but don’t have to love them. You can love your aunt, uncle or a parent but not like them at times. For bf/gf relationships I think sometimes people will start to like somebody so much then start to love to fast. They see a lot of good,when the bad is tucked away.”

He continues:

“Once that love type feeling comes about, that’s when everything changes sometimes. Like marriage, they figure that now that love is there you couldn’t let them go. I say that people should take there time in getting to know somebody to see if they like them and try for love, whatever kind of relationship it is. Because maybe they want you to be close to use you for awhile to use you, get what they want, then they gone.”

Gusto is a major headliner surfacing our universe and has proven himself to be dedicated to his music career. The young growing artist recently started and has headlined over three times already. Our staff has applauded Gusto for his amazing efforts to remain committed to his music while working to hard and long hours to provide for himself.  Gusto has currently been submitted and is under review by our committee that will determine if he’s eligible to be in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine coming out next month!

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