Rapper Gusto Quickly Becoming The Deadliest Strategist In Internet Hollywood’s History!

gustoRapper Gusto is planning something big and no celebrity from Internet Hollywood knows what it is. Gusto is a mastermind when it comes to using promotional tactics to target key areas when he wants to extend his brand. We could only wonder what the rapper is hiding under his belt now. Gusto’s past strategies were so strong he quickly made his way into the top 5 after only four months! Although his performance wasn’t as sharp in the Game Of Rap preseason, he still outsmarted nearly the entire underground music scene and placed higher then the former #2 biggest headliner Snacks Giggaty on the charts. Gusto is by far one of the biggest threats to ever step foot into the underground music scene in Internet Hollywood. He continues to turn our universe into his playground  and is setting traps for everyone that stands in his way. The level of publicity continues to rise for the rapper as he continues to unleash powerful cannons to Internet Hollywood without no problem. Gusto is quickly making his way to the top 3 most powerful headliners on Internet Hollywood. What does Gusto got planned?

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