Rapper Gusto’s Strategic Thinking May Earn Him A Internet Hollywood Award Next Year!

gusto edit 1Rapper Gusto is on the road to win his first Internet Hollywood award. The incredibly smart strategic thinker is using his mind to find his way above the rest and so far it’s been working. Within a few short months he has already made it on Internet Hollywood’s top ten billboard charts for his amazing effort. He’s the only rapper, besides Prince Vega, to capture the attention of dozens of ProjectXPlatinum models in trending topics that made front page news on Internet Hollywood. He continues to take on the heat effectively with a conscious mind that decides every move he makes regardless of what others may think of him. Gusto is more determined and dedicated then many modern day artist in the independent world. His work has been made public to our listeners on Internet Hollywood Radio and have received nothing but positive feed back. The artist has quickly established himself independently and is moving on to become one of the largest public figures standing in the alternative rap realm of our independent industry. Gusto continues to show his loyalty to what he believes in and we respect him for doing just that. He has always showed Internet Hollywood endless amount of support and went as far as wearing Internet Hollywood clothing to prove it. Gusto is one of the most respected figures inside of Internet Hollywood with enough mental power to change the entire structure of our universe for the better. We can easily predict Gusto will be one of the bigger winners at the Internet Hollywood Awards next year!

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