Rapper Illnigma discuss his music tour in Canada, upcoming music projects, Swoop Nation working on relaunching their podcast, battle rap and more

Beyond The Lens (Music) – Hip Hop artist Illnigma is finally took on our questions over the week and didn’t mind letting us in on everything we asked. I got in touch with the artist before the weekend and asked if he would be interested in taking on eight of our questions for the website and he said yes. He was then sent the questions two days later.


A little digging and you’ll see why I decided to interview Illnigma. His creative content has earned him three publications on Internet Hollywood in the past and now it will be four once this interview is released to the public. I also had the chance to ask the artist about my favorite track from him titled ‘Game Of Thrones’ that was released back in 2013. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Illnigma*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Illnigma? I’m definitely excited to catch up on things with you since its been so long. I definitely been keeping track of a lot of your stuff in the past and I have publicly voiced my support for you and your awesome movement Swoop Nation. Are there any new projects coming out soon?


Illnigma: Yes. Plenty of projects coming out this way. We working on relaunching the podcast, we did 1 episode and many people wanted us to keep it going so we are in the works for that. Also new music from myself & my camp dropping soon with videos along with that. We have some additional special things coming that’s gonna shock everyone.


Internet Hollywood: ‘America (Game of Thrones)’ is definitely my favorite song of yours. I think the everything was pieced together perfectly with very mind opening visuals. How did that song come about?


Illnigma: One day I was watching TV and a commercial for the show “Game Of Thrones” came on with a weird guys voice in the commercial. I waited and waited for the commercial to come on again and jotted down the name of the show which I didn’t know what it was at the time and did my research. I called Dayy up and said “Yo I have this guys voice off this TV show. We need to loop this and create a beat around it.” We did it, but we had made a different beat at the time but decided to change it to what we have today. Also in the beginning the hook actually repeated twice but I changed it to one to not make the song too long but still interesting. I have a song called “Cancer” which is similar to “America” in content.


Internet Hollywood: One thing I noticed about Swoop Nation is the friendly competitiveness. No matter the debate, it seems like you all still respect each other at the end of the day. What is the key to allowing friendly competition and avoiding the drama that might erupt after?


Illnigma: No. We do get into bs but we keep it private. Any team or movement will always go through it. But what we want to do is relaunch the entire Swoop brand and add lots of new young talent and more business savvy individuals. Everything is competitive with me. That’s why I’m never mentioned when all the rappers mention CT rappers. It’s all good but I definitely know what I could do on the mic that I know they can’t.



Internet Hollywood: Does Swoop Nation members have battles offline that nobody knows about? If so could you name a few of the battles?


Illnigma: Me and Soldier did a battle a while back but we definitely lost because we were going up against New Haven and Bridgeport in there home turf and they weren’t letting anyone from Hartford take that “W”. We definitely **** around in the studio and battle off camera but that’s always for fun. If anybody wanna do a serious battle we could set it up.



Internet Hollywood: Lyricists with bars structured like yours are becoming harder to find because of the huge increase of new artists following the trendy style that is out now. Do you ever find yourself modifying your raps on certain songs to fit the sound that is popular now?


Illnigma: I definitely have one now called “Free Monz” coming out soon where I flipped it and it’s more aimed at an audience who can’t really catch bars & lyrics. I can do their style and mine, they can only do their style!



Internet Hollywood: Where did you learn how to swiftly put together bars like you do and how long did it take you to learn?


Illnigma: It took years of listening to greats such as Canibus, Eminem, Nas, Game. I don’t follow trends or bandwagons. I like who I like, not what everyone else links just to sound cool. Ask your average rap fan who there favorite is. It will definitely be Biggie, Tupac or Jay-Z. They’re programmed to say that because it keeps them with the crowd. Not saying those 3 aren’t dope because they are. But I advise everyone to be themselves. I just studied and paid attention to dope lyrics and every word, every “the”, every syllable, every time the artist breathes in between lines to know exactly how to keep the pace behind a beat.



Internet Hollywood: You released footage of your tour last year and it looked pretty wild. What was your most memorable moments on the tour?


Illnigma: Definitely the Canadian girls!! LOL.


Internet Hollywood: Where do you see yourself with your career if things work out the way you plan and where do you think you’ll be if it doesn’t?


Illnigma: I definitely been thinking about managing an artist, but it will have to be some very serious shit! We will see what the future holds. #Swoop Nation


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Illnigma!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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