Rapper Joe Banga Talks ANoyd’s Success: “If People Are Bothered They Are Just Hating”

joe-banga-imagesPrince Vega – Rapper Joe Banga has been playing it smooth as the talk of fellow Connecticut rapper ANoyd increases after the artist managed to gain television exposure after his music video to “Lucky” ended up on BET Jams last month.


The overwhelming news has swept through the entire state and people from all over Connecticut are weighing in their thoughts on ANoyd achieving what so little have done in a very long time. One of those talented people expressing their thoughts is rap artist Joe Banga.


During our short discussion, Banga kept his answer short and straight forward when discussing ANoyd’s latest accomplishment. He endorsed the Connecticut mc and ruled out any harsh criticism, saying if people were bothered it is because they’re haters.


“I respect what he’s doing for CT as a whole, def very talented artist and in his own lane and if people are bothered they are just hating. He’s taking and making all the right steps into making his dream come true.”

Joe Banga is one of the first few Connecticut artist to be published on Internet Hollywood. He has made front page news on Internet Hollywood eight times and has recently released a new mix-tape titled “1990 Somethin”  hosted by DJ Big Mike & DJ Get It Right.


You could learn more about our new enrollees and Internet Hollywood celebrities by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on December 15th, at 8:00 p.m. (Est.). You could tune in by clicking the Internet Hollywood Radio icon on the front page!

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