Rapper Kuntry_Kp releases a new music video titled ‘Out The Bottom’ from his new mixtape ‘Pain is my Blessing’

Musicians – Georgia raised Hip Hop artist Kuntry_Kp is coming strong in his new single for his new mixtape ‘Pain is my Blessing’ that’s coming out on January 4th. The Connecticut artist released a music video to a song titled ‘Out The Bottom’ on his Facebook and I finally got a chance to check it out before writing up a story about the release. Kuntry_Kp gave me the scoop on when he was going to release the song and sent me the link directly once it was released. The single has passed over 5 thousand views on Facebook already.


After doing a little digging I discovered a couple of things about the single and whether he belonged to a bigger project that was expected to be released and Kuntry_Kp confirmed it. The song is a from a mixtape that is set to be released on the date that his mother died. He told me the mixtape is already mixed down and mastered and he’s currently waiting on some other things to get done at the moment as well. He also revealed that the mixtape will include no features on it.


The video was greatly shot by DoubleDvisuals who captured great footage and helped bring the vision of this magnificent song to life. I feel the scenes went perfectly with the song and Kuntry_Kp had the right idea in mind when he went this route with the song. It actually presents his style in a professional way from an artistic view in the game of marketing. I look forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future.


You could check out the single below on Facebook and follow Kuntry_Kp to stay updated on all of his latest news. I will be sure to cover everything whenever I get the information!

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