Rapper Lady Law To Be Interviewed By Prince Vega on Internet Hollywood Radio on April 26th

lady law 3Prince Vega – On April 26th Connecticut rapper Lady Law will face Prince Vega in a ear-to-ear interview on Internet Hollywood Radio for the first time ever. The newly enlightened conscious rapper will translate her emotions into powerful lyrics that will reflect her experiences growing up.


The hip hop artist took a break from rap to embrace the world as a spiritual being and proud hardworking mother. It’s clear time will unravel the hidden world buried inside Law’s emotions through lyrics. Her passion to transfer energy from music to a physical performance embodies the formation of a believer in art. That pretty much answers why she caught Prince Vega’s attention in the beginning.


We can officially confirm that Lady Law is working on music in April, but we can’t confirm a date for the release at this time. Will her new experiences change the past content of her music? Could she continue to mentally take on the challenges in life that questions what favors her music career? Are we still dealing with the law of one of the most respected female artists in Connecticut? What happened to the law? When will it come back into effect? These are questions I hope get answered during the interview on April 26th at 9:00pm (est.).


Lady Law is the only female artist from Connecticut that has made front page news in Internet Hollywood twice this year. She is currently leading Connecticut female musicians in front page news stories in the year of 2016. It is uncertain whether she’ll compete in Internet Hollywood’s Hip Hop League that is expected to kick off in early April. The tournament will consist of 32 rappers from all over the world.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on April 26th at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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