Rapper Limmyz is back at it; releases another song titled ‘Switch’ on Facebook

Musicians – Independent Connecticut rap artist Limmyz is back lighting up the underground with new music and the song is making its rounds around Facebook as more people continue to lock their ears onto the new release. The song has been out for about two days and has been streamed almost 500 times on Facebook. Those numbers are well performed in the world of independence and time will only tell us how many more ears will lock on to the song in the future.


The song comes weeks after the release of his ‘Bump Dat’ freestyle music video that recently crossed 1.8k on Facebook. ‘Switch’ seems to be off to a great start with 16 shares from people are familiar with his name. I came across the single in an inbox message from Neville Dupe who linked me to the music video and the song. (Listen Here)


His song ‘Switch’ looks to be aiming in that direction as well as streams for his song picks up by each day. I wasn’t briefed on any upcoming projects but if I could predict it based on my personal judgment I feel there may be one coming soon. We will just have to wait until that information is made publicly known to us. What I do know is his Soundcloud, Youtube, and all other social outlets for his music is being created. You could check out the song and music video below!


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