Rapper Litty Blanco plans to release his new music project in the month of September!

Musicians – Rapper Litty Blanco has always been one to dip and dive in numerous things to make things happen and in 2021 he’s continuing to do that as we go deeper into the summer. The music artist has filled me in on a lot of the past work he has done starting near the ending of last year and has also updated me on some of the things he’s currently working on now. It’s been quite a while since I actually wrote about the artist and It’s cool to have him back on our website again.


So to the news, Litty has filled me in on a little information involving a new music project he’s currently working on and he explained that he hopes to have the music project out in the month of September. He also explained in June that him getting shot and acquiring a new felony case has slowed down the process of getting the project done but he was working on some more new music singles. The last song we noted from his Youtube channel was called ‘Feel Me’ but it was released back in October. It’s definitely about time we hear something new from the artist.


That also hasn’t slowed the music artist down. He revealed he has an All Seasonz apparel that’s available for people that want it and Litty Custom Designs is one of his new businesses ventures. He’s currently working on the pages for them for everyone to visit. We will keep you updated on that and will brief you on it as soon as it becomes available.


Litty Blanco was one of the first music artist to perform at an Internet Hollywood event. He performed at one of parties in Worcester, Massachusetts in the month of April 2017.



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