Rapper Logikil Opens Recording Studio For Inspiring Artists: Recording – $40/hour (Read More)

logikil 1Prince Vega –  HeadKrack Entertainment is making it easier for Connecticut rappers in need of some professional mixing and mastering. Rapper Logikil has shared some very useful information that is beneficial for artists that are very serious about getting the high quality mainstream sound that separates them from amateurs.


– $40/hour for recording.

– $60 A track for mixtape mixes.
– $100 A track for full stemmed out mixes.

Those that are curious about the quality that comes with his professional assistance should take a stroll through his new mixtape Handshake & A Smile The 10 track mixtape was released late last night and is available for free download on Datpiff.com. Anyone that’s interested in hearing this talented artist rip each beat to pieces click the highlighted link titled “Click Here” after this sentence. (Click Here)


Logikil is one of the first artist from the state of Connecticut to do a collaboration with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. The song they created together also included Unified Blocks own Mark Diggity. You can find out more information about the studio details by emailing Logikil at Logikil860@gmail.com.

Listen To Handshake & A Smile Now! (Click Picture)


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