Rapper Mobudda Confesses Her Love For ANoyd’s Music, Releases Powerful New Music Video

mobuddaPrince Vega – Connecticut Rapper Mobudda isn’t sugarcoating her love for ANoyd’s music and she didn’t mind sharing that with Internet Hollywood. The gorgeous MC defended the Bloomfield, Connecticut artist recent success and even credited him on his music drive and vision to create story telling lyrics and music videos.

“That’s dope man I love Anoyd music. He has the look, the swag, the word play and investors. Team work makes the dream work CT has slacked off on that. Everyone wants to be the star. I listened to his Ep’s and and he knows how to put together a song well and he uses producers, videographers etc from CT that’s investing into your own people. Anoyd’s lyrics has vision story telling that is creative, he’s passionate on stage. I don’t see people bothered by Anoyd being one of the first because I don’t see haters. His team makes sure every move is the next step up. He’s talking our issues as a black man and and making it sound good. I hope he has a successful career.”

Mobudda is a familiar name to Connecticut’s music scene and has been for many years. Her hard work has earned her seven front page stories on Internet Hollywood and even spins on Internet Hollywood radio after the release of her “Ring The Alarm” music video.


She just recently released another music video to “Every Little Thing” which features ScrappNyce and is produced by FlashBeats. It would be unfair to credit these artist for their powerful lyrics without crediting the powerful imagery done by talented Edwin Escobar who directed.


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