Rapper Mobudda Endorses Hillary Clinton: “Trump Dump Will Divide The Country”


Prince Vega – Female hip hop artist Mobudda has a greatly detailed view of America’s future, and it is very dark. During our short discussion, she also opened up about her feelings towards presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She slammed both candidates for being corrupt although she felt she could trust democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.


Dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities recently came out and endorsed Hillary Clinton even with negative views towards her. It is beginning to seem like it all boils down to the lesser of two evils when it comes down to voting. Although Mobudda is voting for Hillary Clinton, she doesn’t seem to be flattered by her.


“I think we should have the right to vote whoever in, out. I believe it’s more than the president of the US but the people behind them got to go. Think about it, we still have the same old ass heads in office that were associated with the assignation of JFK. Also, it doesn’t matter which one wins we will still have another war. Just as we did with Bush, and Obama. Also, I believe Hillary is a crook and sneaky I also don’t see that she’s helped the African American people this far, however, I trust her than someone who speaks his mind before thinking. Trump Dump is going to divide the country and we are united as one. We are in for it with this one. With or without the 2nd amendment I will be protecting my home from what Is getting closer and closer to our front steps. Terrorism and crooked police. Hate Crimes etc. America has stolen from its own people and the people have forgotten how to spread love and protect each other despite our differences. We will pay the price one day. Just as Rome did.”

Mobudda is making her way to be the leader in front page stories when it comes to female rappers from the state of Connecticut. This is Mobudda’s sixth story publication on Internet Hollywood.


The super cool featured image of MoBudda was taken by MikkaJoe’s Photography.


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