Rapper MoBudda Gets VERY Sexual: “When I’m Riding…Them T*tties Go Up And Down”

Prince Vega – Looks like Connecticut’s Mobudda is closing her blinds and unleashing a deeper sexual side that may surprise a great deal of supporters and even rappers. While streaming her new EP ‘Aphrodite Returns’ you may discover a smooth mellow track that may overwhelmingly shock you with greatly detailed components that openly invites the public into a more aroused Monesha. Clearly those who knows Mobudda may not be surprised with how she defines the meaning of being an artist that takes the time to paint the perfect picture for her listeners. On the other hand, people who fail to realize Mobudda’s relationship with music may reflect subliminal thoughts implanted subconsciously quicker and far more deeper than others. In more basic terms; music lovers would find this track titled “Up and Down” very tasteful because of how realistic the lyrics are. In all honesty, It would make you feel as if you were involved in it yourself. (don’t be cheap: stream now and buy; it’s only $0.99)

Mobudda 3


Track Listing

1. Bossy

2. Don’t Bite

3. Up and Down

4. Tax Season

5. Every Lil’ Thing (feat. Scrapp Nyce)

6. Streets

7. Returns (Outro)


Monesha has blessed us with her godly presence with remarkable footage by Escobar Films and has proceeded to recreate the best version of herself musically in her “Don’t Bite” music video. The three time Internet Hollywood headliner has managed to distance herself from the normal artist by sharpening her appearance with a far more impressive style to match her imagery that shows the purest form of originality.


She’s defining the meaning of being an artist with a heart that gives the paint to create the visuals we imagine whenever she musically express herself. That alone makes her an important female figure in Connecticut. The absolutely gorgeous of Mobudda below was done by Mikkajoes Photography.

Stream & Purchase “Up And Down” Here

mobudda 4

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