Rapper MoBudda To Release Music Video For Her Next Single ‘Every Little Thing’

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Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own MoBudda is keeping the promotion strong for her next single ‘Every Little Thing‘ from her EP Aphrodite Returns by Monesha Jones. The female rapper updated her status about a week ago to inform her social media following about the upcoming video shoot on July 30th. She also shared how she was trying to involve people of all ages and ethnicities in the video to show how “connected we are as a humans.”

Her post:

“I’m shooting my music video for “Every lil thing” Saturday, July 30 2016. I’m looking for actors, experienced or just starting, to bring a number of situations to life in the video. Contact me with your info and I can give you details of location once its set. It will be shot in the Hartford area. My goal is to get a lot of different faces, ages, ethnicity and backgrounds involved to show how connected we are as humans. Me and my director have a few solid ideas but want to explore situational improvisation to see how many positive examples we can come up with. Please inbox me for details.”   ~ MoBudda

Although you may have missed the video shoot, you can still do all you can to show support by raising awareness about the music single by sharing this article to your friends to let them know MoBudda will soon be releasing another music video.


MoBudda has made front page news in Internet Hollywood 5 times in the last three months. She is one out of the very few female artists from Connecticut that has been published on our front page. She has been very supportive to Internet Hollywood as a whole and we greatly appreciate her for that. She’s also tunes into Internet Hollywood Radio every Tuesday at 8:30 pm (est.). You can check out her EP ‘Aphrodite Returns’ by clicking the highlighted link below. The gorgeous featured image of MoBudda was taken by The Facey Kid.


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