Rapper O’Merta gives his thoughts on Vega’s new song ‘My Ambition’: “A lot of lyricism in this track….”

Musicians – It’s been a long while since the Internet Hollywood universe seen a music released from Vaughka a.k.a Internet Hollywood Vega but that waited ended on the 22nd of May when a new song titled ‘My Ambition’ was released from his new Vaughka Series project. The new released has been shared to many others and some other very talented people decided to give their thoughts on the song as well, including O’Merta. Here’s what the artist commented on the video:


“Continue separating yourself from the rest and show out on them bro. Alot of lyricism in this track, keep goin Prince 😤🔥”💯”


O’Merta has put out many projects in the past including music videos for a lot of hard hitting songs he has released on streaming platforms online. He has shook up the city many of times with his releases and has songs that has reached thousands of people.


You could check out Vaughka’s new song below!


~*~*Vaughka Song ‘My Ambition’*~*~


Check out some of O’Merta’s music!

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