Rapper Opium Black x Nubank Laces Up For Hoody Season – Releases ‘Round Table Freestyle’

Connecticut’s own Opium Black is attacking the competition with some vicious rappers from NuBank Entertainment. The powerful team includes the artist himself, Cardi, Merk Militant, Vill Will, and Velvet Rope Boy. The footage wouldn’t be possible without the neatly done film editing by Artifaxx Productions/Purple Ghost Films.

Opium Black is a new face to Internet Hollywood readers/viewers but not to the underground music scene in his home state of Connecticut. For years Opium has pressured his competitors with a heavy load of material that has even broke commercial radio circuits numerous times. He’s been keeping the world of social media updated on the effort his team been putting in to bring the world closer to Hoody Season. (video below)


Opium_BlackThe Ozzie Way

Many people are not aware that Opium Black is not only a rapper from Prince Vega’s home state, but he also knew Prince Vega at the earlier stages of Vega’s career. A loyal member of his camp, DJ Infidel, recorded and mixed down vocals to certain songs he did with his partner & Internet Hollywood co-founder Joey Claris. Opium Black & DJ Infidel has witnessed Prince Vega grow and always showed support from the very beginning. Opium Black is one of the very few artist from the state of Connecticut that has had conversations with Prince Vega on multiple occasions in person in the past. They both even planned to do collaborations sometime in the near future . Opium Black is a known Connecticut musician that has dominated the underground music scene for over a decade!




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