Rapper Oscar Black Hits The Competition Hard With A New Music Video For His Song ‘Greatness’

oscar b 1

Connecticut’s own Oscar Black is back with tracks that’s heating up the social media world with dozens of shares. The well known artist is sparking the light he needs to ignite the flames that’ll carry his new song ‘Greatness’ through the next season–maybe more. The video appears to show the artist throughout numerous areas inside of New York City, including in the heart of Times Square. We was made aware of the song after discovering a 15 second video clip of the music video on his Facebook page. He has now officially released the video on his YouTube  channel for everybody to share. Thousands of our readers may very well be clueless to who the Oscar Black is since we just recently started covering growing acts out of Connecticut, but this isn’t the first time Oscar Black’s name appeared on PrinceVega.com. Previous report shows he appeared on our website two years ago to speak on how stupid he thought CT rappers copying of Kendrick Lamar ‘Control’ verse style to diss other CT artists.

“I think it’s stupid to diss ya fellow CT artist. Artist in ya market isn’t ur competition. Anyone with that doesn’t have a huge buzz isn’t your competition, so I think it’s wack to diss some one in ur market unless u got a real problem with that person. I think it’s more of a buzz thing.  They’re not trying to prove a point, more like building a brand and trying to gain the ‘likes’ of fans.”

Click the video link below to check out Oscar Black’s new ‘Greatness’ music video!!!

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