Rapper Oscar Black Takes A Huge Step, Reveals Plans To Enroll In College

oscar-black-images-new-2Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own Oscar Black has been the streaming king this week when it comes to Facebook. Almost every day you could find the artist streaming about something on Facebook live.


In one of his latest videos, he fills everybody in on some major moves he’s making in his personal life that involves school. The artist explained that he just took the GED test and is planning to take some college courses once he has obtained his diploma. (Watch Here)


Although Oscar Black admitted that he hates books, he acknowledges the importance of these steps and is pursuing classes to finish off the job and we applaud him for that.


The video also included comments from his friends, family, and supporters expressing their love for the artist decision on taking his steps to enrolling in college seriously, unlike most people.


People who’ve been following the rapper knows that isn’t the only major step the rapper has been making. Black recently went on an enormous recruiting spree and added dozens of people to his Cash Squad team to expand his support system along with a few others.


Just like 27-year-old Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega, Oscar Black sees a much larger picture and is acting on it while he is still young. It is reasons like that that Oscar Black has made front page news on Internet Hollywood 10 times!

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