Rapper Oscar Black was contacted by IH Vega and is currently in the process of doing an Internet Hollywood interview!

Buzz Alert – Independent Hip Hop artist Oscar Black is currently in the process of getting interviewed by IH Vega for InternetHollywood.com after being contacted earlier this week and invited to do an interview over one of his social media platforms. The artist was chosen shortly after dozens of new interviews made our front page that featured models, photographers, designers, makeup artists, and a actor. Oscar Black’s invitation comes after the artist received a total of 15 publications on the website. One of his latest publications included behind the scenes footage from a video shoot he did in New York City. (watch here) The interview will dig deeper into his plans for the year 2019, goals, upcoming projects, and more. The release date for the interview is not set at this time. We will keep you updated.



~*~*Watch Here*~*~

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