Rapper Protigee goes all the way in on his ‘Ride For Em’ music video!

Musicians – The heat has never slowed the independent music scene just in case you were wondering what was happening over the last couple of the months. One of the main things I wanted to touch down on his this music release from a very lyrically gifted artist named Protigee from the state of Connecticut. If you don’t remember, I wrote an article about a single he did called ‘Apart Of Me’ when he released it a long while back. It’s nice to see he’s still using his art for the best.


In his new song ‘Ride For Em‘ Protigee switches it up and harmonizes the structure of his flow while continuing to deliver his sharp edged bars through out the verse.


I remember them days when we was balling at the courts/

______ a couple of days now we trialing at the court/

some young lost niggas all we needed was some support/

had to run off on a couple of em of course/


The hard hitting song comes with visuals that matches the smooth sound given in the content. It is no telling if this song is part of a bigger project that Protigee will be releasing in the future. In the caption of the videos he instructs views to show support, like, comment, and subscribe and I feel they should also. He is no stranger to the pen and anyone that has listened to his music in the past would consider him to be a lyricist. The dude got bars man!


You could check out the music video below and follow his links. He will keep you updated on everything he’s doing and we’ll be sure to share it whenever we get the green light too. Show some support and listen to the song!


Instagram: _funk.pro_

Twitter: @ProFoundMusiq

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