Rapper S Type releases two new songs featuring Hartford Po titled ‘Quiet’ and ‘No Friends’

Musicians – Independent Connecticut artist S Type is keeping himself actively engaged with the underground music scene with new material and that has lead to his very first publication on InternetHollywood.com. The Hip Hop artists recently linked up with Hartford Po and put together a track with him titled ‘Quiet’ and released it on Soundcloud.


Before the track was released S Type made the public aware of the new song with Hartford Po and asked them to like his status 40 times then he would release it. It didn’t take too long before an enormous response came giving the status over 100 likes with hopes of seeing the release after reaching the expected goal.


He later posted another status saying he will be releasing the song ‘Quiet’ with another track titled ‘No Friends’ that also features Hartford Po as well. Both tracks have been released and each of them could be streamed on Soundcloud. (check out the songs below)


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