Rapper Slim Jesus Admits That He Doesn’t Live The “Gangster Life” And He Has A Clean Record

slim j newPrince Vega – Teenage drill rapper Slim Jesus isn’t hiding the fact that he just likes to rap about guns, NOT shoot them. In his second publicized interview with VLADTV he admitted that he doesn’t live the gangster lifestyle he portrays in his video and he has a clean record. Although this will most likely discredit the entire persona he was selling, unlike your favorite rapper, he actually admitted it. It’s no surprise to many people that Slim Jesus has came out of his shell. He was already being internationally attacked all over the world of social media by people that didn’t believe he was living that life to begin with, and secondly, a greater majority of the attacks were racially motivated. Lets be honest, Slim Jesus image (as a person) strikes people as a privileged suburban white American who happened to team up with a few of his black friends to troll the Internet without the thought of the video ever going viral.  Check out the interview with VladTV by clicking the video below!

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