Rapper Snacks Giggaty announces his r&b album will be released 9/15/2021!

Musicians – Rap artist Snacks Giggaty may have drop some pretty big news and slid under peoples noses recently. I couldn’t happen but notice the music artist sharing a brand new r&b  album cover with a caption that reads: “My last & final Project I’ll ever do 🤟🏾


An r&b album coming from Snacks shouldn’t be a surprised to people that has listened to a lot of his music in the past. Snacks Giggaty has always presented his content in a diverse fashion and has even did r&b songs during live shows when he was performing. I was lucky enough to witness one of those shows around that time.


Now that the release date of his new project is announce what’s left to wonder is what this project will consist of, will there be any features, or maybe even music videos? We couldn’t imagine their being no visuals for any project the artist has worked hard on to put together. The selection in the date only shows this album is being carefully plotted out and Snacks is being calculative and patient with his decision. I look forward to hearing any singles from the album when he releases it and I hope to share it with you all as well!


~*~*Album Cover*~*~


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