Rapper Snacks Giggaty Catches Akon’s Attention, Artist Will Now Tour With Konvict Muzik

snacks and akon editPrince Vega – After annihilating his performance in Atlanta, Georgia, Snacks Giggaty will now be on tour with Akon. The artist recently updated the social media world on his victory in the competiton in a new status, saying he had Akon standing up and bopping his head to his music.

Stay tuned….

Niggas had AKON standing up bopping to are Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Connecticut artist later updated his friends, family, and fans about an hour later with the breaking news that has all of his friends talking.

We Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LP WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blinky *****
Stedy ***********let’s go We on tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With konvict Music!!!!

Still now the artist is receiving tons of love from his pairs all over his social media pages and inbox messages ~ like snacks selfiehe should. Everyone that knows Snacks Giggaty knows that he has an amazing gift with music and he deserves all the exposure in the world. He’s humble, creative, down to earth, and very talented! In fact, he is one of the most coolest people you’d ever meet. Snacks Giggaty ignores drama and lets his music speak for itself. That attitude alongside of his music contributing to him becoming the first artist from the state of Connecticut to break into the Internet Hollywood radio circuit in July 2014.


Snacks is the only rapper from the state of Connecticut (besides Prince Vega of course) to trend in Internet Hollywood. He remains undefeated in the Game of Rap series (2-0) and had a trending hip hop feud going on with California rapper C-Three that was so popular the Cali rapper ended up in Snoop Dogg’s underground heat countdown instantly after submitting his music.


We are excited to hear about Snacks Giggaty latest accomplishments and we look forward to hearing more about his new and future accomplishments. Congratulations Snacks!


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