Rapper Snacks Giggaty discusses music, originating his own styles and dances, avoiding drama, his joint album with Richie P, acting, and more!

Musicians – Hip Hop artist Snacks Giggaty is definitely a known name to many people in the underground music scene especially in the state of Connecticut. He has been hammering the underground scene for years with live performances, music videos, mixtapes, singles, joint projects, a webseries, and more. But that still is only the beginning when it comes to unraveling things in the journey that reveals midden hidden skills in the world of Snacks Giggaty. That has lead me to write up an invite to send to Snacks with hopes of doing an interview to get the inside details on what’s going on with his career now. After sending over some questions, he gave me all of the information I wanted for the interview and I’m happy to finally share everything. I hope you enjoy reading it!



~*~*Interview /w Snacks Giggaty*~*~


Internet Hollywood: It’s about time finally having you here with us Snacks!! As surprising as it sounds, this is our very first interview together which is pretty much a shock because you been published on Internet Hollywood 22 times in the past. That’s more features than any other artists from the state of Connecticut in the course of four years. So it’s definitely an honor interviewing not only a childhood friend but one of the most creative and hardworking artists I know. But let’s start this off simple for those that may not know, who is Snacks Giggaty, where does Snacks Giggaty come from, and what are everything you do as far as talent is concerned?


Snacks: Snacks Gigg straight from Hartford, Ct route 44 – O.T / Keney Park fella on God. Music wise; rap, sing, write records for others, and teach others on ways to perfect they music better, and doper & super additional sounds to better their craft on becoming a better artist universally.


Internet Hollywood: You have always been someone that’s known to transform your styles and create things people never even heard of. Whether it be dances, sounds, slang words, or music, you have proven yourself time and time again to be very different and unpredictable when it comes to the creation of your music content. Where does the source behind the creation behind your work come from and what is the process like developing a the style of music you want to write, the sounds you put in them, and the catchy things you add to the visuals like dances?


Snacks: It’s just me being me, I became a fan of music when mom dukes use to be cleaning up the crib in the morning listening to her music selection and hearing her hit Mary J Blidge singing notes, and banging DMX, Case, Bad Boy, 2 Pac, Keith Sweat, Debra Cox, etc. Plus she use to do her dance moves, so initially I got my gift with music from my mother “Tracey Gaynor“ that’s my lady.


Internet Hollywood: You have been putting in work for years and the amount of respect you have for upcoming artists exceeds many because you remain humble and support others often. What have you learned being the person that stay clear of drama and analyze things from the eyes of someone that sees it all from your personal view and what are some pages you could give from your book as advice to others that seem to be going in the opposite direction and end up in a lot drama? How do they avoid it?


Snacks: I’m not a fan of drama, and nor I condone being around no one whose loves creating drama. It may seem I’m around people 24/7, but I’m not. I’m constantly working in the studio and finding time to spend with my family. But sharing always be me, I will never eat a plate of food in front of anyone without offering them any. But sharing other artist music is a hard thing. I love listening to my home town comrades music and Connecticut overall, period. I have no hate for no artist out period, we all trying to reach the same goals, and that’s become successful & flip this music money Into building & helping the community more & giving kids hope to were they can gain confidence & see that somebody from where they from can make it happen.


Internet Hollywood: Not only have you been releasing music videos in the past few months, you also been doing some acting as well. You and a great deal of Connecticut artists came up with a webseries titled ‘Ounces’ and even went as far as recording music for it and many people from the people seem to like it. How did that series come about and how did your role as a character in it come about?


Snacks: Yea Ounces was a awesome experience. It was actually suppose to be a movie at first, but the director & writer switch it into a web series. I watch everybody web series in Connecticut, I love it all man. It brings good energy to our city honestly, we may Be small but our hearts are big in Hartford CT!  I help lead the sound track, everybody added their BMI’s too it & most of us had songs ready for the project, and we connected with each other to make songs together which came out to be a classic. The Ounces soundtrack is available on iTunes right now, go get that. S/0 StackemUP Po Hartford, Ziggy The Great, Zo, Vess, S-Type, Ally Chan, Young Gwop, and the Gwop Boys, and Legand & all those who help get ounces up & running.  Zo (director) ask me, Ally Chan, and Stacks to be in it, after we did a few offering opportunities for him & the rest was history!


Internet Hollywood: I always get curious when it comes to your releases especially now that your back doing a lot of music. What are some of the things you currently got in the works with music?


Snacks: I’m just putting out singles right now, gotta joint project coming out with Richie P called “Unexpected 2“ and a few other group projects in the near future. Me personally just dropping hitters to have the world in a frenzy.


Internet Hollywood: Last but not least, where does the origin of the name Snacks Giggaty come from and are there other things you want to branch off into besides music and acting in the future? And will we be seein more acting from you as well?


Snacks: I tell myself you just gotta be everywhere man, where every opportunity presents itself jump on it only if it’s gonna better you as a person overall in the entertainment Industry as a whole! The name Snacks Giggaty came from LateNiteSnacks aka Mister Giggaty, I just chop my name down to make it shorty & combined the two because I ain’t trying to write no long autograph to the fans, imagine writing LateNiteSnacks aka mister Giggaty for 5,000 fans man listen I’m good lol…


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Snacks! I look forward to hearing the projects you release in the future!



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