Rapper Stack Em Up drops a fire single titled ‘DUMOUT ONEM’ featuring Snacks Giggaty & Banga Bandanaz!

Musicians – There is a new song on Stack Em Up’s Soundcloud titled ‘DUMOUT ONEM’ that was released almost two weeks ago that I couldn’t help but write about because the song sounds straight fire! Of course, I must give my apologies for taking a while to get back to the music scene in the state of Connecticut. The absence has caused me to miss out on a lot of music releases that should have been written about but time has proven itself to be valuable as long as it’s calculated wisely and used for the best. The energy in this song creates its own sound and there is reasons I feel people should check this song out.

One of the reasons is the fact the each of these artists have their own style and managed to bring them both together in a balance frequency that allowed each of them to express themselves lyrically without altering their styles to fit on it. Stack Em Up lit the torch by bringing in the fire hook that followed up with a verse that brought the heat of his own before the torch was passed.

Stack Em Up (Highlight Bar)
still grippy big stick i aint missing/
new head glow with the muzzle my flame different//
hit em from the hip and the chest my aim different/
Bandanaz rocking with this one we bang different/

Drugz, No Snitching, Keep That *** on You
**** That, Kik DUMOUT ONEM

Snacks Giggaty (Highlight Bar)
Mom sold crack she official for that/
I sold drugs, she sold drugs, what’s realer than that?//
Kenny Park bound, yeah, I’m repping it well/
got ya * giving brain while I’m bumping Miguel//

Banga Bandanaz (Highlight Bar)
you claiming that you sell drugs when you ain’t a drug dealer/
keep saying you the plug imma come plug n****s//
all we do is dum out, set the house on the fire like come out/
if you rapping imma cut his tongue out//

It is not known if the song is an installment to a whole body of music that is suppose to be released in the future but if that information becomes available I will try to be the first to let you know. You could check out the whole song by clicking the link below!



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