Rapper Trife Snitte discusses his music influences, finishing his mixtape, doing a 16 year bid, writing 56 albums, and more!

Musicians – It is no secret that I have written stories about people in many states and even different countries. That journey that started in my younger years in 2009 has continued for over decades and when you see interviews like this one with Trife Snitte you will see exactly why. My goal as a writer on my own website is to uncover some of the stories you thought you would never hear from people you may know but never really got the chance to find out about on a more conversational scale. Internet Hollywood has been a place where people from all over could explore the worlds of talented people like Trife who didn’t mind sharing their stories.


I caught up with Trife Snitte to discuss a couple of things about his past, his present thoughts and releases, and what he has planned for the future and he gave me all of the details I needed to understand. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Trife Snitte*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s good Trife?! It’s about time we could chop thing up for Internet Hollywood for the very first time. We witnessed the build up to your return to the music scene with Quality View Entertainment and it was the perfect fuel to prepare things for your return to music and so far three videos with you rapping in it has been released. What are some of the other things you have up your sleeve as far as music concerned and will there be anymore other music coming out in the future?


Trife: I’m good, thanks for asking. How you? And it’z about time we chopped it up. first off, shout out to Internet Hollywood!!! Now as far as the music, I actually just finished my mixtape last week (titled: I’m Baaack!) & I’m in the process of releasing it. So that sh*t be out for the public within the next few weeks. Be looking out for that. It’s crazy & different than everything else out. Plus I’m about to shoot a s**t load of videos.


Internet Hollywood: Anyone that watched you documentary was given the raw reality of life living in challenging circumstances. One of those realities were you mentioning the long sentence you served before being released. How has adjusting to life on the outside has been since your return and has getting involved with music been more challenging than you imagined when you were plotting a return from the inside?


Trife: Yeah s**t was definitely challenging growing up in Hartford, CT and due to those challenges & circumstances I spent 16 years of my life in prison, but I ain’t waste not 1 second. I ended up writing 56 albums during my stretch. And adjusting was actually easier than I had anticipated, I mean the streets still the same for the most part. It’s just technology that take adjusting to. But I got it now, it’z been 10 months, feel me. And the music shit way easier now than back in the day, thanks to YouTube & social media, so now it’z easier to be independent. I mean I was elated to come home and see all these platforms for people wit minimal funding. Feel me?


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure you haven’t missed a heartbeat on how the music industry has changed since the last time you picked up the microphone. The world seems to be more into people’s business off the thrill of social media and has turned everyone’s life to an entertainment palace for their enjoyment. What is your thoughts on how the world of social media transformed for the world of music and do you feel you had to change things to adjust to the changing climate?


Trife: I really don’t like social media (Im real old school) but I respect it & it comes in handy, it definitely made my life a lot easier, but overall, I don’t really like it cause it got too many people doing goofy s**t just for clout. Feel me?


Internet Hollywood: You are pretty clever when you come up with punchlines inside of your music. I remember writing a highlight story about my favorite bars inside of the ‘Snitte’s Back’ music video. So far each of the songs has been directed towards the anthem of more raw and street content. What other forms of music could we expect from you in the near future and is any of the content your focusing aims towards an audience that people may not be use to you aiming at?


Trife: Thanks cause I definitely put a lot of thought into my barz. And I do love making anthems which is obvious, (lol). But I do make love songs, inspirational s**t, and s**t you can dance to. But that “Goon S**t” definitely my specialty! But what you expect, I’m A Real Goony! And I don’t purposely try to please nobody else wit my music but me. I’m only aiming to please whoever feel me. That’s it.


Internet Hollywood: One thing that always strikes my curiosity is the origins of the names of many of the artists. Where did you get the name Trife Snitte from and how do you want others to perceive you as an artist whenever they come across your name and videos?


Trife: Well I had my name since I was like 13 living in Bowles Park, but then a couple years later me & my brother Bless threw the Snitte on the end (for no reason). We just gave everybody last names, so it ain’t no story behind Snitte but Trife pretty self explanatory, I was a little grimey nigga!


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the musicians that influenced you coming up and do you see yourself collaborating with anyone at the moment?


Trife: I mean Mobb Deep was everything to me growing up & still is! But I was influenced by others as well, such as AZ, Onyx, Pac, & my older nigga Bub(RIP)! And then later in life Dipset too a lil bit, plus The Lox.


Internet Hollywood: I remember asking someone else this question, when the smoke clears and everything is said and done where do you see yourself when all of the hard work pays off and do you plan on expanding your brand beyond music?


Trife: When the smoke clears I wanna be rich and seen as the best. I want people to say everything he made was a classic. Feel me? I wanna help make other people rich & famous too. But more than anything I just want the world to know I’m the best dead or alive! Handz Down!!! And of course I wanna brand myself beyond music, I mean I’m a hustla so why limit myself to 1 way of making money? Hell nah! I want it all. Feel me? Anything that can make money I’m gone try it.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Trife! I will be looking out for more releases from that mixtape in the future. Keep grinding hard my brother!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~




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