Rapper Trife Snitte makes his return to music, releases a clip from his new documentary with Quality View Entertainment

Mayhem MusikK – Connecticut Hip Hop artist Triffe Snitte has made a return back to the music scene and it looks like it won’t be long before we hear new music from him. Max Amillion just released 1-hour worth of footage from Trife Snitte’s new documentary on his Youtube channel and it’s publicly available for everyone to see it. In the video, it quickly brings in new music from Trife while the camera passes through the streets of Hartford before showing the artist at a barbershop being interviewed by Quality View Entertainment.


In the interview, Trife kept his answers short but expressed enough for us to really get an understanding of where his previous state was and what direction he wishes to take his next steps. He shared that he just came home after doing a thirteen-year bid and that it feels wonderful to be out. He also stated that he’s “f**king the music now” and that the music the interviewer heard isn’t nothing compared to what he will soon be releasing.


The next clip brings us back into Trife’s life on the road as he brought Quality View Entertainment on a ride through the city before meeting up with some of the people from his hood. In the car, he was playing an artist by the name of “S Type” in the car and shouted him out, saying “S Type we hear you. Even when you ain’t around you around!” He also played some unreleased material as well.


“Leave a N***a man down/clash with us and you assed out whether your pants up or your pants down”


Another cool bar:


“My dogs crazy/bite like we got rabies/go to war like the navy/big guns, no 380’s//


One more:


You got me f**ked up if you thinking I ain’t a beast/

I’ll slap you in the face and watch you die in the street//


To be honest, that song is pretty dope and I’m definitely anxious to hear it now. LOL. I hope it doesn’t take a while before the whole song is released to the public in full. I definitely wouldn’t mind writing about that. But instead of spoiling the rest of the details to the documentary I’d rather you check it out to get a glimpse of the life behind this musician that is destined to bring his career to the next level.


He has a strong support system that also includes relatives of mine like his manager Fresh, who is also in the video, and could be seen in the studio with the artist later on as-well. Connecticut rap artist Napalm Da Don also appeared in the video to show love to Trife Snitte and gave his info on how you could check out his stuff as well. I look forward to following Snitte’s journey and sharing it with all of our readers. Check out the Documentary below!



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