Rapper Trife Snitte’s new song ‘Snittes Back’ hits 3.3k views, Internet Hollywood reviews 10 of his hardest bars!

Musicians – Last week was a pretty exciting week for the state of Connecticut and many new names found their way on our front page for the very first time. I have been breaking many stories coming out of the New England area and Connecticut has been keeping my attention ever since I returned to writing stories about musicians in upper New England. One of those talented people I also write about was an independent artist from the state of Connecticut name Trife Snitte.


Trife has been setting fire to the rain with his new music video ‘Snitte’s Back’ and the impact from the release has helped the artist cross the 3 thousand mark on Facebook and grow closer to a thousand on YouTube. I have picked out 10 of my favorite bars from the song to share with you all. I actually had more favorite than 10 but I thought it would be best to just leave it at a common number that’s even. Here are my favorite 10 bars from the song!


~*~*Top 10 Bars From Snitte’s Back*~*~


1 – Getting bank flip it hard like pancakes/bussing per nighters on that bread like mayonnaise//


2 & 3 – I was strapped with them ??? on that bullshit/scoring more than Jordan on that bullshit/leave a ***** stinking like a bullpen/and if you from the other side it’s f**k your hood then/


4 & 5 – My hood I held down/you would think I fed my thing sunflower seeds the way them ***** spit them shells out/leave a nigga man down/clash with us and you ass’d out whether your pants up or your pants down/


6 – my dogs/ crazy bite like we got rabies/go to war like the navy/big guns no 380/


7 & 8 – And you won’t be the first one and probably not the last neither/attitude flucked up I snap like crab fingers//I be in the hood robbing ****** like the cab meter/hoping out with something in my hand long ass Shaq sneaker//


9  & 10 – I got em, he done here soon as I spot em/I’ma run down and trey pound or four pound glock em/give him a couple shots to the body that should drop em/then buck him in the face just in case he playing possum// 


The song was loaded with witty bars and metaphors that could be found all over the freestyle as Trife aired out his lyrical bullets. The video was shot by Quality View Entertainment and was released on Max Amilion’s YouTube channel. Check out the music video below!


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