Rapper Vill Hallway Will Releases New Music Video To ‘Where I’m From’ Freestyle


Prince Vega – It’s about to be a hot summer and Connecticut rapper Vill Hallway Will is already heating up the Spring with some hot new music and social media is loving it!

Will’s new freestyle begins through the rough neighborhoods of Hartford’s north end. His gritty bars and perfectly timed delivery provided the hard hitting lines that’s reminds others why he’s still a legendary rapper in the Connecticut underground scene.

His widely shared video entered the profiles of fellow Connecticut artists that showed love and passed on the new video ~ including shares from extremely talented Connecticut rappers Opium Black, Nardi, Big Mach, Piccasso, G.O.L.D, and more.

The highly impressive video production & graphic design was done by PickyPics Filmz. (That’s one cool name.) Giving credit where its due is important for artistic individuals that is confident enough to give the world their visions through music and films. As people we should learn to appreciate art and all forms and this is the time to do so. You can do the same by checking out Vill Hallway Will  new video by clicking the link below!

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