Rapper Ville Halway Will Takes His Music To The Boxing Ring ‘One Time’ In New Music Video

vill wille

Ville Halway Will is showing off his microphone skills in another music video by NE Video that is currently streaming on Facebook. NE Video recently published the video on their fan page and a few days ago with hash tags ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ #‎SocialInjustice‬ #‎EditKing‬.


In the video Will explores the world of boxing to metaphysically express being prepared for what ever everyone think is to come. The music video is the first single to an upcoming project that is due to come out sometime in October. During our brief discussion he credited historic figures from Connecticut like Marlon Starling and John Skully.  John Skully is a trainer from Windsor, Connecticut that trained pro boxer  Chad Dawson. Will also shared that the cameos are also from John Skully. Marlon “Magic Man” Starling was a two-time US world champion boxer.


Ville Halway Will first made front page news in Internet Hollywood after his music video ‘Where I’m From’ was released back in April. Being successfully published didn’t end there, he also made news again after an epic interview with The Barbarian on his his Heavy Liftin podcast. The podcast also featured Rah Rhythm and Humble. You can check out his new music video by clicking the highlighted link below!


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