Rapper Wayne Gordon Says Rap Group S.O.S Should Not Respond To Cthree’s Diss


Florida rapper Wayne Gordon is giving his thoughts on the recent shots sent by California rapper Cthree to Pennsylvania rap group S.O.S yesterday morning. The reaction following the shot created hype beyond our universe with dozens of readers speaking out on whether they think Mise and Rude Boy should respond to the diss. The majority of the readers also put themselves in their shoes and spoke from an opposite view points on how they would of handled it if it was them.


Nana from Massachusetts:

“Ignore it. People always gonna have something to say ma. Giving them attention just let’s them feel special.”

Jarias from California:

“I really can’t speak for him because I’m not in that mans shoes , but if it was me , I wouldn’t. I would just perfect the craft and focus on the music to make it the best it could possibly be. One thing I learned in this business is that you can’t let all the gossip and talk go to your head , it’s all stunts and gimmicks , if you do let it go to your head , it blocks your creativity as an artist.”

As the hours fly more and more responses continues to build and now growing Internet Hollywood celebrity Wayne Gordon is sharing how he feels about it. Wayne didn’t seam too surprise to hear that Cthree have sent shots out at more artists after his recent fall out with Connecticut rapper Snacks Giggaty. The Florida artist didn’t pay much mind to Cthree in his brief response but he did lend his advice to rap group S.O.S.

“Cthree is at it again lol. He has his opinions just like any other person; so, I don’t think Mise or Rude Boy should respond. There will always be critics, people shouldn’t jump at every negative statement thrown their way. If I were to catch heat from someone, I’d just blow it off. No reason to fire off at something as temporary as an insult.”

Wayne Gordon is a known figure inside of our universe that has repeatedly found his way into our headlines since his debut earlier this month!

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