Rappers Big Smackyy, Starr Buckz, 400Way A drops a music video for their new song ‘Off The Bench’

Musicians – The underground music scene is feeling the steam come from the smoking gun of three artists who shot a music video that has found its way on video streaming platforms, such as YouTube. The new song ‘Off The Bench’ was released on June 30th and so far it has been receiving positive feed back from people who’s been checking out the song so far. 


The 2-minute music video includes artists Big Smackyy, Starr Buckz, 400Way A and the person behind the lens that shot the music video was by Creative Carter Visuals. You could check out his page by going to @creativecartervisuals on Instagram. The brand looks to be based out of North Carolina and they have a gigantic amount of material you could check out on their page if your interested in seeing more work from them.


It’s been a little bit since we wrote about artists like Starr Buckz but it’s clear when you hear in this song he’s still doing his music thing and it’s clear each artists came ‘Off The Bench’ and in the game with their verses. Their appear to be just a unified flow combination with each artist rapping after each other without a hook to separate the rappers from the freestyles. They all brought their styles to the table and came through with their own gritty flows to set fire to the summer. Check out the music video below!


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