Rappers Herm & Bugz 860 releases their new track together titled ‘Remember Them Days’ on Soundcloud

Musicians – Independent Connecticut Artists Herm & Bugz just released a new song they did together titled ‘Remember Them Days’ on Soundcloud. The four-minute tracks appears to have been uploaded over the weekend on Herm channel and after I had the chance to listen to it I definitely felt the need to write about it. I’ve been following some of the things Bugz 860 has been doing so when I visited his page to see some of the latest things he’s been working on I came across link to the Soundcloud page in early Monday Afternoon.


That wasn’t the only thing that’s been going on in Bugz music life on the underground scene. I also seen surfacing footage that shows the music artist performing his song ‘It’s Okay’ in front of some people who stared alongside of the stage, which occurred outside. His other song featuring Al Wack titled ‘My Turn’ has also been making its rounds in his connected circle as well. So his song with Herm definitely does fuel the drive of Bugz music presence on the underground scene.


I’m definitely going to be keeping an ear out for what happens next with Bugz and what Herm has been cooking up on his side of town with music. You could check out Herm and Bugz 860 new song below!

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