Rappers Jpcrookgang, Bless and Snacks Giggaty drops a new music video titled ‘Round Here’

Musicians – Rap artist Jpcrookgang just collaborated with Bless and Snacks Giggaty on a new music track titled ‘Round Here’ that was released in video format through Tommy Films earlier this month. I recently came across the video while strolling through many of the artists page in Connecticut who I have written about in the past and this music video definitely caught my attention enough to write about.


The music video is nearly 3-minutes long and starts with Jpcrookgang and Bless talking in a clip in the beginning before the scene cuts and goes into the music video. Jp Crookgang appears to spit his verse first before Bless then Snacks Giggaty came after. Each artist aligned lyrics around the usage of the word “Round Here” which echoes into the days of Memphis Bleeks classic ‘Round Here’ which included TI and Trick Daddy.



Don’t come get loss round here cuz your s**t will get toss round here/

you’ll get off round here cuz lil bro I make the calls round here//

we really play round here just the other day a nigga got laid round here

boy I stay round here the whole hood know my face round here//



N****s fake out round here won’t slide cuz they scared to catch a case round here/

the feds came round here trynna indict every n****a in the gang round here//

watch what you say round here n****s know just for giving up ya name round here/

it aint the same round here see these n****s really singing T-Pain round here//




Amen keeping saying aww man putting on god man take 13 like Harden/

Kyrie clips from the garden weed from the garden funny niggas looking like Marlon//

Wayne heard what I’m saying these young gods got guns not playin/

these young niggas live wild and dangerous ya’ll niggas sweet in the middle like danish//


You could check out the whole music video below!

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