Rappers Trife Snitte and Bud Cinco releases a music video to their new song ‘Where It Bang At’

The city of Connecticut has been heating up the cold winter with new music releases from many artists doing their thing on the underground. Since last year, I have been keeping my ears open for the hungry musicians that has been dusting off their mics to bring their talent to the new age of music that has grown tremendously throughout the world.


Independent Connecticut artists Trife Snitte and Bud Cinco is two artists that’s generating a buzz on the underground with music video releases that has found their way to many of people’s pages including the front page of InternetHollywood.com. That time has finally come again where both of these artists will add another publication under their belt.


I recently discovered that Trife Snitte and Bud Cinco teamed up in a song and released a music video for it that was shot by @UNRULY_WES of Turnt Up Films. The song is titled “Where It Bang At” and is almost 3-minutes long. You could check out the music video below!

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