Rappers Von Tay, S-Type & Trife Snitte puts on ‘FOR THE FAM’ in their new music video!

Musicians – It’s getting warmer outside and Connecticut is heating up with more music steaming from its underground music scene as independent artists flood the streets with their new songs as we approach closer to the summer. The triple act of artistry performed by these three artists in their new music video presented each style in their own form while keeping the harmonic balance within the beat in place without dropping the ball.


The new video ‘For The Fam’ features rappers Von Tay, S-Type & Trife Snitte and it’s only of many releases that has found its way down our timeline this year.  We noted some past releases from Trife Snitte and S-Type since the last time we’ve written stories about them.


The video was shot and edited by All Around who is a familiar name to a lot of indie musicians especially in the Connecticut area. This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a music video done by him on our website. He continues to provide the professional look in the projects he works on and in this video he helps carry the torch by bringing these talented artists visuals to life and giving us something to watch while we pump their new release. Check the video out below!!

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